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Beautiful Safaris is the Unique Outfitter of Iran with strong relationship with Iranian Environment Department. We are authorized tour operator in Iran Since 1972. We have permission to arrange tourist for hunting grounds in Iran. We ʼ in relation with local communities and exclusive hunting ground can provide good quality of service to the hunter ʼ s using our preserves. We can handle professional hunter from one person to group of tenth.

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    There are some information about Iran country and it’s hunting areas and also some of various species of animals which are available for hunting in Iran. Iran is a country in southwestern Asia, located on the eastern side of the Persian Gulf. It lies at the easternmost edge of the geographic and cultural region known as the Middle East. More than half of Iran’s international border of 4430 km is coastline, including 740 km along the Caspian Sea in the north and 1700 km along the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea in the south. Bandar-e-Abbas is the largest harbour in the south of Iran located on the Strait of Hormoz, the narrow passage separating the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea through which tens of oil tankers are heading for various destinations in different corners of the world everyday. Iran is one of the countries that have all four distinguished seasons. Iran’s variety in terms of temperature, humidity and rainfall differs from place to place and season to season. Length of the seasons differs in different regions.

    And also there is some sanctuary regions for rare species of animals which are in danger of extinction in Iran. Such as Iranian jacket panther and brown bear in some regions of Iran .

    One of the world’s most mountainous countries, Iran contains two major ranges of mountains, the Alborz with the highest peak in Asia west of the Himalayas, Damavand (18 605 feet or 5671 m above sea level) and the Zagros that cuts across the country for more than 1600 km extending from north west to the south east of the country. The peaks exceeding 7545 feet (2300 m) in these two ranges capture a considerable amount of moisture coming either from the Caspian Sea southward or the Mediterranean eastward. Mountains are good habitat to seven distinct and internationally recognized species of wild sheep, Persian Ibex and the secretive leopard. The valleys below them are home to Goitered and Jabber Gazelles, preyed upon by the fastest land animal – the Asiatic Cheetah. Forests are home to Red Deer, Roe Deer, Persian Fallow Deer, Brown Bear and some of the largest Wild Boar in the world.

    Due to the black market of cartridges in Iran, the government requires that you save your empty cases for proof of use. 20 rounds of ammunition are allowed per rifle, 100 rounds per shot gun. The .243 is the minimum legal caliber for Iranian game. 30-06, .270, and .308 are common calibers with local hunters. If very high velocity rifles are to be used, we recommend and suggest that the medium weight partition bullets be used. The 264 Winchester Mag, 270 Weather by Mag, 7 MM Rem Mag,7 mm Weather by Mag, 8 MM-x 68S and similar high velocity flat shooting calibers are highly recommended.

    The clothing should be neutral bush colors, i.e. drab green or dark khaki commercial camouflage is useful. We have some tips for those people who want to have a trip to this region for hunting, we recommend that you should have lightweight binoculars and a good camera with you in order to take some good photos of you as souvenir. A good spotting scope is recommended.